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One On One Consulting With Darryl Waugh

There are as many coaching and consulting processes as people who are leading the course of change. Everyone has an opinion about what the best process is and why theirs is the best. Most of them have validity and value when followed correctly and in full. Real, lasting change takes serious work and commitment. The best process for you is one that contributes and brings profound, lasting change to your life. It is one that moves you from a place of pain and resistance to one of fulfillment and the embracing of your full potential. Transformation comes from implementing a course that takes you through the phases of awareness, understanding, healing, empowering, and progressive challenge. All of my programs originated out of real-life experience. They come from a place of extreme pain, loss, and failure followed by the triumphant return and realization of who I am fully capable of being. It is the culmination of seeking and implementing every bit of resources and guidance that I could find. Ultimately, I am the embodiment of my process of understanding and implementation of change. I am aware of what it takes and how it works as I lived the process and all of its manifestations myself. What I implement is a full process of healing and empowerment. 1. Reconciling the source of pain through awareness, understanding, and forgiveness. 2. Fortifying you for the journey ahead. We must build strength, courage, and endurance to sustain this process of change. 3. Eradication of all sources of toxicity and negativity and the addition of positive influences, environments, and stimulus. 4. The implementation of progressive challenges that take us further out of our comfort zone and force us to grow. 5. The ultimate understanding of our purpose and how we can use our journey to help others. This is a worthy goal. To contribute to the betterment of the lives of others.

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