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Darryl Waugh is a new father to his beautiful baby boy, Benjamin David Waugh born March 26, 2019.  Proudly engaged to his partner Tammy and daddy to two crazy boxers, Lennox and Laila.

As a  lifelong entrepreneur, Darryl spent 12 years as the President and Partner of a multi million dollar steel distribution company. 

Having a deep commitment for inspiring and helping others, Darryl has taken what he has learned from his journey through a multi million dollar business failure, debilitating anxiety, addiction, and a mentally abusive relationship to bring understanding, strength and direction to those who have also sufferred significant setbacks in their lives.
He has created a personalized program called The Comeback Alliance that helps those who’ve had similar experiences regain the confidence, purpose and meaning that their lives had before their setback.
Darryl is a voracious reader and multiple time published writer.
You can also find him lifting weights, training jiu jitsu and muay thai 3-5 times per week. 

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