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"Darryl Waugh is someone I have known for over a decade now and in his loyalty and humility have been a corner stone of our friendship. Darryl is one of those rare humans who has been through it all, both personally and professionally, and always comes out better than before. Darryl has an incredible business sense and I have always looked to him for professional advice but he’s an even better person and someone I rely on to keep me in check and help me grow as a man. I can't speak highly enough of Darryl and am very excited to see his next chapter in life."

Kevin Mann
Hollywood Film Producer Founding Partner at Haven Entertainment Hollywood, California

"First off, it is an honor to write this testimonial for Darryl Waugh, and for anyone who is genuinely searching to improve their personal situation – personally or professionally. As a Police Officer I take pride in supporting others who show love, care, and respect to others as much as they do their own family. Darryl is one of those rare souls who possess this trait. After sixteen years of knowing Darryl it has been a blessing to witness and to participate in some of his grand high accomplishments, and of equal value, to witness his character through his lows and personal battles he’s overcome. His ability to grow from each is admirable, and with certainty I know his teaching will be able help transform your life too. This is why I am able to write with confidence, that his past experiences is a true testament of his leadership, loyalty, and dedication to help others in their struggle. His loyalty to family and friends, along with his discipline and sever work ethic has constantly been his pillars in life – and evidence of this is shown through his ability to help others through his teachings over the years. I know without Darryl’s guidance throughout my personal progress and hurdles in life, I would not be where I am today. His world-class business experience, intellect, and emotional depth is something that needs to be shared."

Dave Knight
Police Officer Halton, Ontario - Founder : First Responder Wealth Network

"I've known Darryl Waugh for over 17 years! First as a very persistent steel sales person who became a key supplier of mine after many many knocks on the door. I was not planning on adding to my supply base, but he was very persistent and found creative ways to make doing business together beneficial for both of us. I grew to greatly respect his business ethics, knowledge and passion so much so that I later joined his steel company. We worked together for several years. During that time we became an excellent team and accomplished many successes. Darryl continues to amaze me with how far he has come after dealing with addiction, life-threatening challenges, and astronomical losses. Darryl is one extraordinary human being that I'm grateful to have worked with, learned from and remain friends with for life."

Donna Duff
Former Vice President Automotive Sales - Impact Steel Canada

"“I have known Darryl for over 30 years and in a sense have been a co-pilot during his incredible journey. As a friend and employee I have been with him during the highs and lows that life presents. Together we enjoyed great successes and defeats that have shaped our lives. What impresses me the most about Darryl is his ability to survive the storm that he lived through and come back stronger. He is truly inspiring and motivating because he is living proof that you can come back from hardships and still reach your life goals. He understands that life is about perseverance, balance and growth. To help me dive into my spiritual/physical side he encouraged me to give Brazilian Jiu jitsu a try. I was on the fence, but his persistence over 2 years finally gave me the courage to try some classes. I thank him for not giving up on me and getting me out of my comfort zone which will only lead to personal growth. I don't know many people as articulate, intelligent and inspiring as Darryl. In business, he is as savvy as they come and able to think creatively to find solutions. As a friend he is loyal, sincere and generous. Darryl has continually reminded me of the roles that consistency and discipline play in our personal success and I am grateful for his writings and words of wisdom. I am blessed to have Darryl in my life and know that he will always be there for me in times of need. His door is always open! ”"

Glenn Langerbeins
Manager, Secondary Services U.S Samuel Steel Trading, A Division of Samuel, Son & Co. Inc. Columbia TN

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Darryl for the past 6 years. In that time he has had a great impact on my life and influenced me in many ways. Our relationship started out as a student/ teacher one when Darryl wanted to further his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training. I noticed right away that he had a strong work ethic and ability to completely immerse himself in the task at hand. Through this we became close and Darryl became a mentor to me both personally and professionally. Darryl is very generous with his time and has always made time to help others. He is very open about his past experiences and has always helped me put things in perspective. Darryl is a true leader in every sense of the word and is always evolving. He has a vast knowledge when it comes to business and has an amazing ability to make connections with people on a personal level. I know that if it weren’t for Darryl’s help and advice I would not be where I am today. I recently opened a business and have always found Darryl’s advice to be helpful. I am grateful to have met Darryl and proud to call him a friend!"

Matt McDonald
Owner/ Head instructor Bora Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt

"Darryl was a customer that turned into a dear friend over the last decade. His trust and loyalty in business transcended into his personal relationships including ours. Like others I gravitated to his perseverance because I knew he started from the bottom up. His “street smarts” validated for me how real he was in our business relationship and that carries on today in our friendship. He is a leader that will make a fantastic father soon and I look forward to our future adventures together as a mentor."

Sean Maddigan
Sean, Manager Sales and Marketing - Automotive Nucor Corporation / Competitve Triathlete

"What can't you say about Darryl Waugh? Darryl and I were introduced at a function. I was blown away by this man's ability to inspire. If had my share of bad times low self-esteem and a real rock bottom landing at on point. Darryl gave me a much-needed boost in my mental and self-appreciation tank. We continue to discuss life, love, and finance. Anyone that has Darryl in their corner is making a great step towards self-fulfillment and self appreciation and a better outlook on life."

Adam Higson
Former 7 Time Kickboxing & Muaythai World Champion - Owner of DiabloGym

"I have personally known Darryl for over 30 years and whilst we followed our own pathway internationally during the first half of our adult lives it’s been a revelation to get to know him again as an adult. We reconnected via social media and I have watched and read with great interest how he has constructed and created an impact for readers through his personal insights, blogs, and responses to people that he has engaged through his honesty and vulnerability in combination with the highs and lows of his experiences. He has displayed courage, lack of fear and a willingness to share this story to help others benefit from some of the lessons he has gained via the biggest challenges on his journey. He has arrived at a good place in his own personal life now, he understands his strengths and he also knows how life works on both sides of pendulum. I have become aware of a tremendous commonality in our experiences and a natural affinity towards better understanding his achievements, reflections and views from his personal standpoint. Courage is a powerful word, to me it means the ability and willingness to take a chance, to stretch beyond your comfort zone and to move forward without always knowing the destination. Darryl is on a voyage of discovery into himself, into others and he has a gift that needs to be shared. I wish him nothing but a pure connection with his purpose and the people lives that he will continue to impact and touch for the better."

Brent Pope
BA (Hons) MA Consultant Hamilton Region Office Investors Group Financial Services Inc. Member of the Power Financial Corporation Group of Companies Former Professional Hockey Player

"I have known Darryl for just under 7 years now, and I would like to think that I know him quite well. He is a very well spoken, intelligent and charismatic man who is adaptable to hardship and change. I am not talking about the good kind of change either, it's the kind that knocks most people down for good. Through our friendship, he has taught me a great deal in understanding relationships, both with friends and significant others. Darryl's ability to extract an experience in your life that you are entangled in, whether good or bad, break it down and layout in front of you to help you understand what is unfolding is not only impressive but incredibly useful. Darryl is a tremendous friend and mentor, and his abilities and knowledge in that role have played a big part in my business. I opened my 3D printing business two and a half years ago but did not seek his guidance until the beginning of this year. Even though Darryl has never worked with 3D printers or anything in that field, his business knowledge is what has boosted my startup, and this knowledge can be applied in any professional field. With Darryl's direction, I have seen steady growth in new clients, an increase in repeat customers and an improvement in my own motivation to work at the business in a productive and efficient manner."

Harrison King-McBain
Owner: Westdale 3D Printing Former Professional Boxer - 16 fights

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