The Comeback Alliance Program

There is a Comeback in all of us.
This is a tremendous opportunity for those who understand and are willing to do the work. It will be challenging as well as the most meaningful endeavor that you will do for yourself. It is rewarding, empowering and enriching.
It will guide you towards your purpose.
If you're fully committed, it is life changing.

Seize your Comeback today.

I'm Ready


There are freedom and empowerment on the other side of life’s struggles and hardship. Whether it is in addiction, business failure, depression or a relationship collapse, we are meant to grow through the pain and perceived defeat.
What feels like the end of our journey, is, in reality, the preparation for the next challenge and opportunity that life is going to present us. This time, we will be better prepared, wiser and more resilient. We will be better partners, more capable business operators and stronger-willed in the face of our weaknesses. We will possess a deeper understanding of what threatens us and operate with more humility and empathy with others.
We become fortified by the trials of life. We are battle tested and battle ready. These are lessons that you cannot buy in schools. Education alone will always fall short without the influence of real-world resistance.
Many great people have given in to the harsh realities of life’s setbacks and allowed the world to simply step over them and pass them by, which will always do. Stand back up and live your life. It is what you deserve.
I have endured addiction, a narcissistic and emotionally abusive relationship and a multimillion dollar business failure. I refuse to allow any of those situations to define me.
The entire world loves a comeback. It is a choice that we all have to make.
Will you make it?


Sometimes life forces us into a transition.
There are going to be circumstances that change our foundation permanently.
This upheaval can be painful as it forces us out of our comfort zone, sends our lives into disarray and knocks us off of our schedules. It’s an uneasy proposition for most of us.
Understanding the implications and nuances of transition is vital to thriving on the other side.
As time passes our perspective becomes rational and our outlook fortified; we are changed. We have grown. We now understand life on much deeper and meaningful terms. It isn’t the surface level that is instructive. It is the process of surviving hardship that defines our character.
We come to realize that we are capable of more. We are resilient. We cannot be defeated by the trials of life.
We are forged within the fire. We experience transcendence.
We seek more meaningful work. Work that inspires us and lifts the spirit and essence of humanity. It is those that have endured the harshest trials that are often the most giving, understanding and caring people.
There is so much more to life than your current situation. You are not defined by these parameters. You are defined by your collective journey. Life will test you and you will survive. You’re created for more. Don’t give in to adversity.
Strive for greatness. You are meant to do something magnificent.


Then the progressive aspect will kick in once we know where we stand and where we want to go.  
I promise that if you follow this program and allow yourself to be challenged on a progressive scale, by the end, you will be in a much deeper state of confidence, understanding and awareness of yourself and your ability to make your way in this world.  
To better ourselves in any capacity, we need a baseline understanding of where we currently are.  
It needs to be honest and all encompassing. The question process is somewhat exhaustive. Please do the best you can. The deeper you go, the more you’ll get out of it.  
By failing to acknowledge certain things, we fail to tell the truth and our plan of action, our personal initiative, is flawed from the inception.   
Stagnation equals regression. We are here to improve in every conceivable way.  
Therefore, our baseline definition is critical. 

Emerge A Leader

Understanding, learning and sharing your journey puts you in a very unique group.

You become qualified to help others understand their experiences..

You become a persona of value and contribution. Life takes on a new meaning as you live with purpose.


Strength In Community

Ultimately, your commitment and discipline will be the change maker but we do need support from other like minded people who share our passion for personal change.

There is an interactive community that will both provide feedback and support for you as well as give you an arena to share your knowledge.

You too will have the opportunity to use your experience to guide and teach others.

Become The Leader You Were Meant To Be

This is the first edition of our program. Initial spots are limited. Join now.


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